Wednesday, December 30, 2009,10:40 PM
a lone tree
We find our self alone, my cello and I. No distracting noise, no audience. I open "book one" for beginners. Not too hard. I stumble through the first ten pages, but that's enough for now. My eyes are already tired.

Now I just run the bow from one string to the next. Slowly and softly, from C to G to D to A, back and forth. Ending on the low C, continuing it, not wanting to leave it, leaning my head against the scroll feeling the overtones.

I then realize that this is the voice that I've been looking for for more than 30 years. How fitting, though, that we find each other at the same level- stuttering, looking for the right sound, having to relearn from the beginning.

At this point I'm not playing it, it's playing me....

a lone tree
dances silently-

winter wind


posted by J. Andrew Lockhart
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