Tuesday, August 30, 2005,9:38 PM
As old as the present
As old as the present,
the past is new.

Nothing is as far away as tomorrow.
They, though, hang on it,
desperately hoping for a reason to wait.

You, then, should wait,
but I'll take yesterday now.
posted by J. Andrew Lockhart
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Friday, August 26, 2005,10:36 PM
In August, Summer demands our attention.
When the evening comes, she refuses to leave.
Being a visitor, she once again wears out her welcome.
By September, we are delirious, thinking that she'll never leave,
But then, she slams the door on her way out.

In October I'll miss her.
posted by J. Andrew Lockhart
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,12:39 PM
Night Frog
The frog is on the window
I don't know how he made it
It's clear that he's alive, though,
The shadow shows his heart beat

All other frogs on the ground
May have some fear of falling
But not this one I found
He has a higher calling

Perhaps the others are lost
And anxious and full of fear
but Moses, who knows the most
Is on the mountain to hear

But then again, this little man
May be up there all night
Due to a botched up plan
To see what caused the light.
posted by J. Andrew Lockhart
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Wednesday, August 24, 2005,10:04 PM
Perspective (haiku)
a man sits outside
watching himself get older
wishing he was young

a woman sits near
looking back on her childhood
glad that she is old

i sit between them
watching the children playing
glad that it's today
posted by J. Andrew Lockhart
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,9:19 PM
The outside night stretches my soul.
The tension of a hundred year day
slowly pours out of my eyes.

The crickets are so thrilled to be in the dark
(no one can see them now)
they can't hold it anymore.
My energy is gladly given to them.

No more until the morning...
posted by J. Andrew Lockhart
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,8:32 PM
Camaraderie (1983)
I watched a drop of water
rolling down a tiled wall.
It was not an extraordinary drop,
just a conglomeration of smaller drops,
just like the rest.

It hesitated at every crevice between tiles,
as if to emphasize a point it was making.
Each time it hesitated I was sure
it would stay suspended forever,
or at least until it evaporated.

But, as gravity would have it,
it rolled down farther each time
until it reached a faucet protruding from the wall.
Despite the interruption by the bold object,
the drop rolled down the shiny metal as fast as it did on the tiles.

When the drop reached the end of the faucet,
in a pool of drops just like the rest.
posted by J. Andrew Lockhart
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,6:56 PM
Feline (haiku)
it seems troubling
that a cat can sleep all day,
yet he doesn't care
posted by J. Andrew Lockhart
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