Sunday, September 23, 2007,12:43 AM
a lost letter
On our way to yet another Saturday track meet. Same as the last one, it's another hour north of home. The shortest distance to this one, though, sends us up H59. I haven't gone this way for at least fifteen years.
Before I540 was finished, this was the easiest way to anything north. I always enjoyed the drive and the scenery. Not this time.
One curve after another on the two lane road with the speed limit of 55mph. Once we get farther north, we run into line after line of orange barrels, making it even more difficult.
After the meet I'm going to take the extra time to go east until I run into I540 south. I have no desire to go back home on this road.

a lost letter
found in a wooden box-
faded love


posted by J. Andrew Lockhart
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