Wednesday, August 24, 2005,8:32 PM
Camaraderie (1983)
I watched a drop of water
rolling down a tiled wall.
It was not an extraordinary drop,
just a conglomeration of smaller drops,
just like the rest.

It hesitated at every crevice between tiles,
as if to emphasize a point it was making.
Each time it hesitated I was sure
it would stay suspended forever,
or at least until it evaporated.

But, as gravity would have it,
it rolled down farther each time
until it reached a faucet protruding from the wall.
Despite the interruption by the bold object,
the drop rolled down the shiny metal as fast as it did on the tiles.

When the drop reached the end of the faucet,
in a pool of drops just like the rest.
posted by J. Andrew Lockhart
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